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A Journey of Purpose: Why The Blog?

Embark on a journey with The 138 Way, where fashion meets purpose. Explore our collection made with love for the Earth, and join a movement that values purposeful, eco-conscious style.

A Journey of Pursuing the "Why"

I couldn't be more excited to have you here as we embark together on a journey of mindful living.

In a world filled with distraction over meaning, my mission through this blog is to dive deeply into lifestyle frameworks for leading conscious, connected and compassionate lives.

Over the next year, we will navigate some philosophical terrain and tactical lands - nurturing everyday wisdom alongside wellbeing habits designed to elevate our shared world.

What should you expect?

Introducing The Four Pillars

We'll specifically be exploring four dimensions of purposeful living including:

Staying Curious - From the cognitive science behind wonder to hands-on techniques for sustaining beginner's mind and leaning into allure of the mundane.

Everyday Wisdom - Contemplating spiritual principles, qualities of empathizing with others on an emotional level, and forming meaning connections, the craft of wholehearted living passed down through generations.

Mindful Exploration - Exploring reflective travel accounts, the connective tissue of cultures, our interdependence across humanity and regenerative possibilities.

We Mindset - Bridging from individualism to collective action, the abundance mindset rooted in generosity, everyday goodness through challenges and change.

An Adventure Guided By You

This blog lives and breathes based solely on our community - your stories, breakthroughs, comments and ideas will fill its pages as much as my thoughts brought to life with AI as my Co-pilot. It will morph based on where our collective interest lies.

I can't promise perfectly polished posts right away or a consistent publishing schedule from the outset. But what I can guarantee is authentic, thoughtful content not found anywhere else. We're all growing together here.

This invitation into my digital living room is completely open. Feel listened to. Feel embraced. And more than anything, feel encouraged to consciously craft a spirited existence, whoever you are, wherever you are, as you are.

Let the first steps of the adventure begin!


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