Our Purpose

We exist to effortlessly infuse feel-good fashion into your daily routine. Our comfortable t-shirts uplift closets and minds with monthly designs crafted to inspire mindfulness.

Our Starting Point

The 138 Way began in 2021 with a simple realization: Most of us lack purposeful, earth-friendly clothing options for everyday wear.

We set out on a mission to create feel-good t-shirts made sustainably, ethically, and aligned with meaningful values.

Our Pathway

No flashy startup story here - just an authentic journey to spread more mindful vibes through fashion one t-shirt at a time.

Along the way, we choose partners carefully while taking the time to develop original designs and artwork in-house.

We print locally to stay hands-on while keeping our eco-footprint in check. Small batches allow us to perfect our craft.

Our Future Growth

Now the goal is to connect our mindful t-shirts with 10,000 purpose-driven subscribers this year.

Mahmoud al juaidi

Meet Our Founder

Hey there! Mahmoud here. After years of running startups, I realized too much business lacks meaning.

So I created The 138 Way - a mindful apparel brand meant to inspire personal growth through everyday wear.

My aim? To help shift perspectives while giving back what I can.

Nice to meet you!