The 138 Way

looks to make you shine inside and out

1 Core Principle. 3 Foundational Pillars . 8 Essential Pathways.

Our Approach

The unique aspect of The 138 Approach lies in our use of AI as our Co-Pilot. Through countless iterations, careful design, and intentional prompting, we have developed a framework that is not only evergreen and sustainable, but also takes inspiration from the principles of Modularity in bio-mimicry.

The "1" in 138

Our Core Principle

Wearable Wisdom - Creating apparel that encapsulates our journey towards enlightenment, each piece is a testament to mindful living, purposeful action, and empowering influence. Join us in wearing the change we aspire to see.

The "3" in 138

Our Foundational Pillars

Pillars that lay the foundation of deep wisdom.


Our journey of building the brand embraces intention and purpose, guiding us towards positive change and grand visions.


Fostering a mindful recognition of our shared existence, grounded in empathy for every form of life.


Inspiring individual and collective strength to drive positive change in society and the environment.

Our designs are a tangible manifestation of these core values, making every piece a personal and powerful statement

The "8" in 138

Our Essential Pathways

Curated Pathways to Cultivating Everyday Wisdom


Cultivating Core Values, Planting Purposeful Intentions


Grounding Oneself in Mindfulness, Community, and Heritage


Catalyzing Courage and Self-Expression through Style


Reaping the Fruits of Intention through Mindful Consumption


Practicing Care, Patience, and Tenderness with Ourselves and Others


Setting and Achieving Goals Aligned with Purposeful Living


Taking Mindful Action to Foster Social and Environmental Wellbeing


Nurturing Personal Growth and Compassionate Communities

The Path of The 138 Way

began with 1 step

Starting Small, Dreaming Big

Our story at The 138 Way is all about making a big difference starting from small beginnings. It began with a simple yet powerful concept: to make meaningful products.

embracing failures

Every Step, A Growth Story

From our humble beginnings, we've embraced every challenge as an opportunity for growth, inviting you to join us in this journey of mindful evolution in fashion and life.

Moving forward

Growing Together

Now, we are creating a space where we come together to celebrate our stories and cultures, learn new things (like AI!), and support each other. It’s about building a community where every day is a new opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.

Meet The Founder

Mahmoud al juaidi

Pivot. Pivot. Pivot.

In 2016, I opened a laundromat in Dubai and grew the brand to five retail branches, and quickly became the highest and fastest growing on JustClean, the leading laundry marketplace app. In March 20', the lockdown changed things.

Our customers swapped suits for sweats and no longer needed ironed shirts. It was a tough period, and in Aug 20', I had to wind down my operations. I gave myself a choice: work for another startup and contribute to its growth, or start a new venture in pursuit of meaning.

Mahmoud al juaidi

The Birth of The 138 Way

Realizing the importance of purposeful work, I founded The 138 Way - an online apparel brand dedicated to elevating our closets with wearable wisdom, and inspiring you (and me) to align our fashion choices with values that matter us, and that helps us shine inside out.


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