In this noisy, digital world where it's easy to lose sight of what matters, let me introduce you to The 138 Way. Think of it as a roadmap to being bold, compassionate, and thrilled about exploring new things.

Getting The 138 Way up and running wasn't a walk in the park. I spent six intense but fulfilling months searching for the right partners. I wasn't just ticking boxes; I was looking for people and organizations that share our core values—like being kind to the planet and fair to their workers. That's why we only work with GOTS-certified companies.

But let me re-iterate, The 138 Way is so much more than a clothing brand. It's a personal promise I've made to myself and to our community. We're building something here that's grounded in values that I believe can unite people, regardless of where they're from or what language they speak. Our aim is to inspire people to be passionate, purpose-driven, and just plain good to each other.

Why is creativity so important to us? Because it opens doors—doors to new opportunities, new ways of thinking, and even new friendships. And empathy, it's not just a buzzword. To me, it's the key to really connecting with people, understanding their struggles, and celebrating their joys. As for adventure, it's our compass. It keeps us from getting stuck and encourages us to take on new challenges, grow, and learn something new every day.

Our commitment to sustainability isn't just talk. It's action. We're partnering with Shopify's Planet to make sure that every product we sell doesn't just look good on you but also does good for our Earth.

So, if you're interested in giving your wardrobe meaning—if you care about what you stand for—then I invite you to be part of The 138 Way. Together, we can work toward building a community that's not just diverse but also driven, compassionate, and built to create lasting impact.

Let's take this journey together, with our minds open and our hearts full,

Mahmoud Al-Juaidi, Creator - The 138 Way