the 138 way

1 Mission. 3 Pillars. 8 Core Principles.

The story of The 138 Way begins with a desire to make a positive impact on the community and the planet, through sustainable products and initiatives.

1 Mission

To foster a sustainable future by promoting community, innovation, and kindness through our initiatives and products. We aim to create positive change and growth for individuals, communities, and the planet.

3 Pillars

Kindness. Community. Innovation.


A fundamental part of our way, and a non-negotiable. It represents a commitment to promoting empathy, compassion, and understanding in all interactions and encourages everyone to make a positive impact on the world through acts of kindness.


The cornerstone of our mission to create a sustainable future for all. It represents a commitment to building inclusive and compassionate communities that promote growth and learning, and encourages everyone to work together towards a common goal of making the world a better place.


A driving force behind our mission to create a sustainable future. It represents a commitment to using technology, to address the complex challenges facing our communities and the planet. It encourages the continuous pursuit of progress and new ideas to drive positive change in the world.

8 Core Principles

Sustainability, Courage, Empathy, Creativity, Learning, Growth, Fun, and Adventure.


To protect and preserve the planet for future generations.


To face challenges with bravery and determination.


To act with compassion and understanding towards others.


To approach problems and challenges with innovative solutions.


To continuously seek new knowledge and skills


To strive for personal development and community progress.


To inject playfulness and joy into daily life.


To embrace new experiences and take risks.