Sustainability and Ethical Practices

in harmony with nature

Our Earth-First Approach

At The 138 Way, talking about sustainability isn't our style; living it is. Every fabric, every stitch, and every choice is a step towards a planet that breathes a little easier.

kind to earth

Threads That Matter

From the fields to your wardrobe, our materials make a statement, not just in style but in substance. Rooted in kindness, our collection boasts GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton and PETA-Approved Vegan Cotton. Our cozy hoodies embrace the warmth of recycled polyester (rPet) inners, while our tote bags spin a tale of recycled post-consumer cotton and regenerated cotton, crafted from the excess of our partners.

kind to you

Partnerships With Purpose

Uniting for the planet, we handpick partners who mirror our heart for sustainability. Together, we weave a tapestry of change, proving that unity is the most sustainable practice of all.

sustainably driven

Choosing Suppliers Who Care

Each supplier in The 138 Way family shares our dream: fashion that heals, not harms. By prioritizing sustainable actions and fair trade, we ensure that wearing our pieces is a hug to the earth.

carbon neutral

Deliveries That Plant Trees, Not Emissions

With our allies at Shopify Planet, we turn deliveries green by offsetting carbon emissions from every order. Each package on your doorstep is a step towards a world in balance.

recycled packaging

Packaging With a Conscience

Nature’s beauty is in its details, and so is ours. Our 100% recyclable packaging speaks of our love for the earth, and our mailers, crafted from recycled plastic bottles, champion our message of renewal.

no overproduction

Thoughtful Production

At The 138 Way, excess isn’t in our vocabulary. We champion limited batch production, ensuring we cherish resources and minimize waste. It's our way of dressing the world with responsibility.


In every thread, in every hue, we're designing a world that values kindness, sustainability, and purpose. Step into The 138 Way and be a part of a fashion revolution that stands for the planet and its people.